Traditional Radio Systems Generate Opportunities Within the Pro AV Space

July 28, 2023


In an era where Digital communication may be king of the Pro AV world, one should not overlook the importance of traditional radio systems in the professional audio and video industry. The growth of interconnectivity propels the need for reliable, efficient, and versatile communication tools. Radio systems play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations in the pro AV industry, where coordination and clear communication are paramount. And with the Pro AV market’s predicted growth of an additional $90.51 billion over four years from 2021-2025, communication solutions won’t be shrinking.

How exactly do radio systems enhance communication and connectivity in the Pro AV industry? What challenges and opportunities come with integrating radio systems with IT and IP technologies?

Welcome to “Radios in Action,” hosted by Jon Paul Beauchamp, Icom Senior Sales Manager. In this episode, Beauchamp sits down with Ben Thomas, a Pro AV Industry Expert and host of Pro AV Today. They delve into the role of radio solutions in professional audio and video environments, discussing everything from critical communication in broadcast studios and live events to the planning and coordination necessary for wireless equipment.

Their conversation includes the following:

  • The vital role of radios in coordinating teams and ensuring smooth operations in broadcast studios, live events, and commercial installations
  • The importance of planning and coordination when dealing with wireless equipment, particularly in terms of frequencies and compliance with regulations
  • The challenges and opportunities of integrating radio systems with IT and IP technologies, and the shift in decision-making responsibilities in the industry

Ben Thomas is a seasoned expert in the Pro AV industry, with a wealth of experience in helping manufacturers and service providers tell their stories. He is also the host of Pro AV Today, a popular podcast that explores the latest trends and developments in the industry. Thomas’s insights and expertise have made him a sought-after voice in the Pro AV community.

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