With 4k becoming more readily available in the home, the AV industry is feeling the pressure to create something new in the stadium setting to enhance the live experience. Stuart Reynolds, Director of Sports and Live Events for Diversified, joins host Daniel Litwin to talk about the trends in the industry that are fighting the immersive experience you can get at home and the importance of the production team.

Venues are looking to displays in stadiums to heighten the live experience, and Stuart said that according to surveys, replays, stats, the game in process, history, and player interviews are amongst the most important content that people want to see in stadiums. He said that the social media aspect, like live tweets being displayed, are not as important to stadium goers. Stuart said that people are going to stadiums to be around other people and to be immersed in the event that is happening. He said that one easy way to capture attention is bringing the new fan more information.

Stuart talked about how he is an advocate for HDR being implemented over higher resolutions like 4k displays because at a distance, the human eye won’t be able to see individual pixels, making 4k redundant. He said that HDR means better pixels compared to more pixels on a 4k display. Lastly, Stuart talked about the importance of the production team in creating content for the displays and how it is more important than the display technology.

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