Staleness is among the worst labels a business can receive. In an industry predicated on creating captivating visual experiences like Pro AV, this is especially damning.

Content creation is what separates AV providers today. Consumer expectations have changed rapidly, and it is now not enough to just be big and bright.

In a speech this month at the AVIT Summit, OpenEye Global Founder and CEO Bryan Meszaros explained why content is king.

“Clients are asking for design, and I don’t think [AV providers] are putting enough value on design services, or one quote I’ve seen where they’ll just pass them on to the guy who knows how to do graphics and think that suffices,” Meszaros said. “The reality is that’s not matching the expectations of the clients anymore.”

The ecosystem of the AV system today is collaborative, which can be challenging to some firms but leads to higher-quality end products.

“The days of clients looking for the one-stop shop are gone,” Meszaros said. “I think clients are getting wiser and realizing collaborative efforts or ecosystems or however you define it, that’s the norm.”

As the world becomes more inundated with visually captivating and stimulating technologies, content will continue to be a differentiator.

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