For something as ubiquitous as air travel, the stress of the airport process is inescapable. Delayed flights, long wait times, luggage fees– they’re part of the flying experience that don’t seem to be going anywhere, and it’s leaving travelers unhappy. A 2017 Kelton Global survey claimed 97 percent of passengers had some issue with the airport process and experience. How do you begin to approach these staggering numbers? One approach, which hits on aesthetic and practical solutions, is robust digital signage.

“LED displays are really enabling airports in the world of creativity,” said David Venus, Chief Marketing Officer for PixelFLEX LED. Venus joined us on the Pro AV podcast to break down the ways visual displays can change the entire airport experience for the better. Not only can digital signage be used for wayfinding and emergency situations, easing the navigational stress of an airport, but it can be used to visually transform an airport’s appearance. Immersive digital experiences and digital art give travelers something memorable, entertaining and inspirational during their travels. Retailers should be excited too; not only do happy travelers mean happy shoppers, but digital signage can reinforce advertising campaigns and sponsorship activation. According to a study by Sixteen-Nine, 49 percent of items advertised on digital signage saw a direct sales increase. Venus explains that this multi-layered affect makes visual LED installations a must for the airports of the future, large or small. “You can balance both dynamic, immersive, digital art, but then also incentivize yourself as an airport to bring in additional dollars,” Venus said.

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