Banking On a Change with Kris Bartel of Zivelo



The digitization of industry has changed pretty much every business, and the banking world is no exception.

“There’s a lot of change in the digital age,” says Kris Bartel, Chief Business Development Officer at Zivelo.

He points out that while there are still 90,000 physical branches in the United States, that roughly 50 percent of people or more do some form of digital banking.

What about the feasibility of making that number 100 percent? There are a lot of aspects in people’s financial day, from transferring funds to depositing checks, is it even possible to see 100 percent digitalization? Bartel believes so.

It is still likely for people to go into a branch and have that face-to-face interaction, “so we’re trying to take the digital model and introduce new technologies, but while also still making it possible to interact with the folks at those branches,” Bartel added.

People want to feel comfortable and get all of their questions answered when they’re dealing with high amounts of money, so “our solutions are geared towards more complex mortgages and financial investments, that the customer has a very positive experience and that even though they’re having a digital transaction it’s not one that’s disconnected from a human being,” says Bartel.

It is possible that the public might even be able to have a one-on-one conversation with someone within a physical space and a secure room, with secure equipment, with an expert thousands of miles away, or use kiosks or other forms of technology to enhance in-person banking experiences, while still making things more efficient from the bank’s point of view.

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