Meghan Hodge says

Call tracking is a rather new realm of technology. While there have been many call management solutions on the market for some time, call tracking is next-level. Imagine all the data businesses can glean from understanding what happens when customers or prospects call.

“The phone call has long been a lost touchpoint in the customer journey. When someone takes the time to call your business, it’s really your lead to lose. What happens in that phone call is extremely valuable and something that a company needs to understand,” Meghan Hodge, Director of Sales for CallTrackingMetrics said.

There have been some basic solutions for companies that could measure things like how long a call lasted and what the outcome was. However, call tracking is revolutionizing what can be learned from these interactions.

“Many of our clients want to know the source of calls, specifically if they came from a Google ad. Then they want to know what that conversation looked like. This enables them to understand what keywords drove that prospect to call, allowing them to optimize their paid ads and usually reduce spend,” she said.

Hodge also shared how call tracking can help unite sales and marketing. “We had a recent client come on board and what they learned from the metrics was where the gaps were in both marketing and sales. This clarity allowed them to correct those gaps. With our system, there is full access and visibility.”

The data from phone calls is vital in helping businesses grow and improve customer experience. Hodge explains that with the CallTrackingMetrics platform, customers get an all-in-one tracking and contact center solution.

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