Carl Harvell says

The modern-day business is not often confined to one building. Long-distance communication has become seamless, and AV providers have been tasked with improving conferencing across the world.

From improved cameras and better projectors for video conferencing to a more fluid wireless experience, workers expect remote meetings to be as smooth as in-person gatherings.

Carl Harvell, director of product marketing and senior customer sales success at AVer Information recently returned from InfoComm 2019 in Orlando where he saw firsthand what the Pro AV industry is doing to improve conference technology further. Technological change also must align with the modern standards and layouts of conferencing spaces, which are all unique from each other.

“What I try to do at AVer is listen to the customer. It doesn’t matter if they’re griping because their product doesn’t meet their expectation and their belittling you. That emotion comes for a reason,” Harvell said.

Give this podcast a listen to hear Harvell breakdown why the proper AV/IT solution is now a significant way to enhance communication and business in an economy that becomes increasingly more remote.

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