User Experience Drives Mimo at InfoComm

The pro-AV industry came together earlier this month in Las Vegas for InfoComm 2018. It’s the largest event for the sector, attended by professionals from over 110 counties. We had a great showing this year, announcing a new product and partnerships with key industry leaders. It was a great opportunity for us to see the latest innovations in AV, connect with clients and seek out new endeavors.

Product Debut: HDMI Capture Card

Making its debut at InfoComm was our new HDMI Capture Card, a sleek, small, standardized solution that’s perfect for conference rooms, live streaming and more. rAVe called out the new card prior to InfoComm, describing how it allows for users to set “standards” so that conference rooms or other spaces can be customized.

Collaborations & Partnerships for AV Solutions

InfoComm was an ideal place for us to announce our partnership with Tanvas Technology. This new product uses haptics and touchscreen technology to transform the customer experience, allowing customers to feel what they see for the first time. We saw attendees and media both highly intrigued in this innovative step for digital signage. Digital Signage Connection highlighted the unique application, buzzing about how groundbreaking the technology is. Digital Signage Today also raved about the new offering, describing it to the industry as a “touchable canvas.” Further, rAVe featured the product in a video filmed directly from the event.

We also shared our exciting collaboration with BrightSign together our touchscreens and their media player to deliver an all-encompassing and high quality digital signage solution. The BrightSign partnership was showcased in a recent AVNetwork article, hailed as a quick, complete solution for the professional AV industry. rAVe also coveredthe partnership in a video captured from the show floor.

Our team was pleased to see that visitors were very intrigued by our partnerships with BrightSign and Tanvas Technology and eager to learn more. The haptics screens with Tanvas were something many sought to experience themselves. They were also impressed by our offering with BrightSign and how easy it is to use. Tablet all-in-ones are building buzz and increasing demand in the market. We believe we can meet the need in this niche, offering both cost-effective capabilities and convenience

Additionally, we also showcased the Google Hangouts Meet Hardware kit, which features our Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture as the controller. We recently filmed a video with the G Suite team to provide insights on how it works and some of the benefits. Check out the video to learn more.

This year was a particularly impactful show for us as we announced several partnerships and continued to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry. We anticipate more collaborations and innovations to come, as we and our partners develop new ways to facilitate amazing experiences.

New and Fruitful Opportunities

Just prior to InfoComm, the thought leadership conference Technology. Innovation. Design. Experience (TIDE) also took place and our CMO, Mike Campagna attended, meeting several organizations interested in our capabilities that we believe may lead to exciting innovations in the future.

We also had the opportunity to connect with some current clients and other new brands, discussing the future of pro-AV, touchscreens, and digital signage, and the entire developing landscape of this innovative technology. Further, along with a rapidly increasing demand that we noted at this year’s DSE Conference, our conversations at this event supported our current strategy to develop a hi-bright product for outdoor usage.

Highlights from the Show Floor

The show was well attended and busy. In such a fast-changing industry, there are always new innovations to discover, and this year represented a particularly exciting show for us. We met with so many forward-thinking companies that could immediately see the value in pushing the applications of touchscreens and digital signage further.

One very unique aspect of this year’s show was that our products could be found at more booths than ever before. They were also featured many of our partners’ booths, including Google, BrightSign, Logitech, Bose, Ziiproom, Evertz, and Pexip, and more.

Overall, the floor was full of great ideas that will propel the pro-AV industry forward, and we’re glad to be a part of it.


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