LEDTalk: The Five Main Factors Affecting LED Price

On this episode of LED Talk with PixelFLEX, host Tyler Kern sat down with chief marketing officer David Venus and director of sales Will Dickey to discuss five factors that significantly affect the price of implementing an LED solution, and why a client should be educated on all five to deliver the best solution possible.

Componentry: Dickey discussed the options available in LED components, including chips, wiring, and power supply, and how they affect cost.

Pixel Pitch and Distance of Viewers: How an LED screen is going to be used determines the solution, Venus said. “If viewers are far away, you can start to back down in resolution and still accomplish the same thing,” he said. “But if you have a screen at eye level in a corporate lobby, you need that higher pitch. And ultimately, the pixel pitch will affect the overall price. ”

Will Dickey talkInstallation and Rigging Variables: Screen mounting costs vary on the location and the LED’s primary use. Clients should be “really grasping what’s going to affect installation and how that can lead to costs later down the line if those things aren’t thought through,” Venus cautioned.

Processing and Playback: Another factor can be processing and playback, which affect the cost as well, the two experts said.

Content: Finally, content is a chief consideration because it’s the reason for an LED solution. “If it’s not high-quality content and you haven’t thought through what you’re trying to accomplish with that content, then at the end of the day I say, ‘Why did you even put that on the wall?’” Venus said.

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