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LEDTalk: Great Visual Displays Start with a Purpose for Their Content

  Think about the last great visual experience you've seen. Can you name the hardware components, the types of light used, or the specifications of the speakers that accompanied this Read more


hospitality labor shortage
Supplement or Replacement? How Robotic Technology Should Help Solve the Hospitality Labor Shortage
February 7, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the hospitality industry hard, especially in the early stages of the crisis. While leisure and business travel is back, and America’s hotels are filling up again, another problem is making it challenging to keep the industry up and running—a hospitality labor shortage. The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s (AHLA) CEO […]

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Robot technology
Why Hotels Should Learn to Love Robot Technology
February 7, 2023

The guest experience is getting upgraded at many hotels today thanks to innovative robot technology. Aloft Hotels first introduced the world’s first robotic concierge in the early 2000s, and in 2014, they brought Botlr, a robot butler service, to the team. These AI enhancements increased the guest experience through shorter wait times for room […]

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super bowl ad
Super Bowl LVII Ad Spots Sold Out. Why Did It Take So Long This Year?
February 6, 2023

Patrick Rishe, Host of “Suite Talk: The Business Behind Sports“, takes a look at the 2023 Super Bowl LVII Ad trends. An uncertain economy is one of the biggest factors as to why it took companies so long to buy out the ad spaces for this year’s Super Bowl. Not to mention we have […]

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LEDTalk: Great Visual Displays Start with a Purpose for Their Content
September 23, 2019

Think about the last great visual experience you’ve seen. Can you name the hardware components, the types of light used, or the specifications of the speakers that accompanied this experience you’re thinking of? Probably not because a great experience for a consumer is not about the hardware; it’s about the feeling. On this new […]

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Great Live Event Technology Doesn’t Need a Big Budget, Just Big Ideas
August 8, 2019

When done right, live technology at live events can make a jaw-dropping impact on an audience. But first, it’s got to work. On this episode of the Pro AV Podcast, host Tyler Kern sat down with two experts in the industry — Shana Devine, director of sales at Elite Multimedia, and David Venus, CMO […]

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LEDTalk: Video Displays are Creating an Experience in Corporate Space Design
July 26, 2019

Digital LED displays are transforming corporate workspaces, creating a positive ripple effect that disseminates throughout the companies workforce and into its clientele. “Digital is now,” said David Venus, CMO of PixelFLEX. On this episode of LEDTalk, host Tyler Kern sat down with Venus & guest Jeff Peden, director of marketing at Dalton Agency, to […]

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LEDTalk: The Five Main Factors Affecting LED Price
June 25, 2019

On this episode of LED Talk with PixelFLEX, host Tyler Kern sat down with chief marketing officer David Venus and director of sales Will Dickey to discuss five factors that significantly affect the price of implementing an LED solution, and why a client should be educated on all five to deliver the best solution possible. […]

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LEDTalk: The Challenges Facing the Display Industry in 2019
April 4, 2019

On today’s episode of PixelFLEX’s LEDTalk , Tony Green, VP of Business Development for Snap Install, and David Venus, Chief Marketing Officer for PixelFLEX, give insight on the direction of the display industry and the road blocks that are making the market struggle. The two also dive into how pertinent the choices are that […]

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LEDTalk: The Definitive Top 4 Trends for Digital Signage in 2019 with David Venus of PixelFLEX
February 28, 2019

Corporate facilities are putting displays in conference rooms, front lobbies and green rooms more and more these days, and strategy for entertaining clients is big business. How can business owners make their display stand out above the competition and attract the sales, and how can AV integrators and suppliers play into those client trends? […]

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LEDTalk: What’s in Store for LED in 2019? with David Venus of PixelFLEX
February 22, 2019

From 2017 to 2019, there was a 50% increase in fine or narrow pixel pitch products, which most would say is undeniable growth. The business-owner is demanding this crisper technology and so is the market; the real challenge is how to create these high-res products and still make them affordable to the end user, […]

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Outdoor LED Decision: Financial vs Philosophical with David Venus of PixelFLEX
January 29, 2019

For a country that prides itself on pushing the envelope, technologically, we haven’t really been bold with the deployment of outdoor LED displays outside of Times Square or the Vegas Strip. Globally, the market is telling a different story. “In 2016, it was roughly a $4 billion dollar industry, globally. It’s projected to reach […]

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MarketScale Pro AV: Episode 1
December 21, 2018

This is The MarketScale Pro AV Show, hosted by Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B. Your weekly B2B kick-back for the best thought leadership in the industry, bringing you education, information and inspiration.   On the first episode of The MarketScale Pro AV Show, you’ll get to hear from thought leaders, analysts, and innovators alike, […]

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