Making Moves: Mimo Enters the World of Outdoor Digital Advertising

While traditional outdoor advertising is nothing new, it’s taken a while for advertising in the digital sphere to make the move into the great outdoors. From climate concerns to increased hazards, the technology that has made digital powerhouses in controlled, indoor environments, just hasn’t quite held up outside. Thanks to game-changing technological innovation, however, that’s all about to change.

Up for the Challenge

Indoor digital signage just can’t stand up to the elements outside. Within the wildly differing climate regions of the United States alone, displays must be able to withstand temperatures that drop below 0° during winter and summers where they push upwards of 100°; not to mention the water damage resulting from thunderstorms or snow. Further, traditional indoor signage only emits about 300 nits of light, which simply isn’t visible in outdoor sunlight.

Mimo Monitors is flipping the script. By creating specially designed LCD displays, we are entering into an advertising market that is still in its infancy but is poised to expand rapidly. While there are certainly a plethora of applications for large format screens, our focus on small format outdoor displays is allowing us to reach across a wide range of industries for specialized use. Featuring a dust-tight, water-resistant IP65 rating, our 21.5” touchscreen displays produce 1500 nits of light, and the touch panels are optically bonded to the glass screens to prevent glare that otherwise makes an outdoor display very difficult to see.

Untapped Potential

More and more urban areas are evolving into smart cities and implementing internet-of-things (IoT) technology in unique and creative ways. The display portals being implemented are collecting vital consumer data that is proving invaluable for better decision making and market targeting. As the world becomes more connected and more people are opting to spend their time out and about, marketing approaches will continue their trajectory from traditional indoor forms to out-of-the-house strategies. As such, outdoor displays will have a crucial function in how we navigate our daily lives. From tablets at alfresco eateries to outdoor ticket kiosks, from small gas station screens to smart city sidewalk displays that inform pedestrians, outdoor digital signage in a smaller, more personal format is gaining ground.

Embracing Forward Momentum

By focusing our efforts on where the industry is headed, rather than where it’s been, we have maintained our leading-edge reputation as an industry innovator. With our new line of outdoor-ready displays—showcased at DSE 2019 last month—we are entering a new landscape in display technology, and we’ve furthered our commitment to this sector with our recent membership in the Digital Placed Advertising Association (DP-AA).

As companies become more digitally focused, our screens offer a brilliant, bright display, both intuitive and robust enough to meet any needs. Click here to learn more about our line of outdoor touch and non-touch display solutions!

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