For the average fast food restaurant, the decision to invest in new technology can’t be taken lightly. With most establishments already battling small margins, there are some key considerations in moving ahead with the modern innovations available. For example, deciphering the complexities of ROI and projecting the length of time to recover investments are important steps.

One popular option, the self-service kiosk by ZIVELO, is a promising choice.  Some major chains using this technology have seen an increase in average purchases of 20 to 30% over traditional ordering, while others report percentages as high as 50 to 60%. Studies reveal that just a few seconds’ reduction in service time can translate to big money over the long haul. While popular thinking is that companies hope to reduce the number of employees by using self-service kiosks, the reality is that those employees actually are redirected to other, more critical tasks.

This transition has created more efficient organizations with higher customer and worker satisfaction in addition to increased revenues. ZIVELO clients, in fact, have seen a boost in earlystage kiosk adoption when partnering a human “kiosk coach” with self-service kiosks to encourage customer interaction. This reduces anxiety and the learning curve while building customer relations. There is a diversity of important but less obvious benefits, as well. Customers can order food without feeling embarrassed, for example, and nutrition information labeling is made more accessible.

And with the tech-savvy younger generation, the technology created and implemented by ZIVELO paves the road to a brighter future for QSRs and their customers.

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