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When you think about the amount of content produced regularly, especially from businesses, it’s unlikely that any of it can work seamlessly without a strong software infrastructure. This is especially true for video, and today, expert Liz Davis, Director of the Media Workflow Group for Diversified, joined us on the podcast to share her perspective on how software enables media workflow.

Davis has a long history of working with media and has been in the industry since before the digital revolution. “All brands have become media publishers. It’s more cost-effective than ever. Whereas over a decade ago, many brands still put more investment into traditional media, then they discovered by working with new types of agencies that focused on content creation and began to see lots of return on video. And now, of course, video is everywhere and used in many nontraditional ways,” she said.

Davis shared that many brands still struggle with media workflows, mostly because businesses didn’t have the infrastructure initially to pull of the amount of content end-users are now expecting. “Media workflows are both technological and psychological in nature. You have lots of different players that have to work on just one video project—producers, editors, etc. But video has to also have technology behind it for it to meet the goals, whether those be awareness or conversions. Everything needs to be entered into a central repository and have data points attached to them. Software also enables teams to automate non-creative parts of the process,” she said.

She and her team work with many brands on the importance of media. It’s about KPIs and getting the whole team on board to understand the value of this content. But to truly achieve that, the back-end storage and workflow needs to be in place. “Based on the objectives of a brand and the priorities of each department, we create a plan, with budget in mind, to get companies where they want to go,” Davis said.

Listen to Davis explain the critical importance media workflows and the future of software in content production, including machine learning and AI.

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