The growth of the drone market has led to a number of myths and misconceptions that perpetuate the commercial UAV industry. In an effort to help better understand the platforms, payloads and workflows behind Microdrones integrated systems, Microdrones just released a new video with comments from industry experts, team leaders and distribution partners.


The expansion of the drone market over the past 10 years and recent regulation from the FAA created many questions about what drones can be used for. From consumer toys, to military weoponization, there are various applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. On the commercial side, businesses are advancing the use of drones beyond video surveillance and photography. According to consultancy firm Gartner, in 2016 around 110,000 drones were sold for commercial use. That figure rose to more than 174,000 last year.

Microdrones, an industry leader, provides fully integrated drone solutions for surveying, mapping, inspection, construction, mining, volumetrics, and precision agriculture. They often field many questions about drone usage, restrictions, techniques and operations. In the new video, Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Microdrones Director of mdSolutions, describes the drone industry as the “Wild, Wild West,” due to the many misconceptions that are out there.

Paris Cockinos, CEO and Founder of Sphere Drones, acknowledges that managing your workflow is key to changing any misconceptions. Sphere Drones develops tailored, custom and proprietary drone technology and offer end-to-end application solutions. Cockinos says, “The average person thinks you can just take out a drone and fly. But it’s not about that. It’s about planning, flying, processing and visualization.”


One of the most common reactions to drone technology is they are perceived as toys. Sebastian Long, Canadian Sales Manager for Microdrones, explains, “The biggest misconception about drones is treating the industry like they’re toys. You need to consider the drone as another tool that can bring more money to your industry.”

Yannick Savey, lead LIDAR test pilot for Microdrones, has first-hand experience, successfully collecting data and creating great results for customers using integrated systems like the mdLiDAR3000. He recognizes that there are still some challenges to overcome. Savey says, “The industry is still working to see how the drone will be useful to them. They’re concerned that they won’t be able to get the type of accuracy that they are used to with traditional methods, like manned aircraft. But drones are changing and if you have the right provider with the right knowledge we can make the solution.”


Another factor contributing to some drone misconception has been regulations, designed to keep the skies safe. Customers may think anyone can operate a drone in any open air space. However that’s not always the case. Omar Omar, Microdrones Director for Business Development says, “The industry will work together with the FAA and any other agencies to be safer, more effective and more productive for the client and company.”


Working together with customers and advancing unique UAV integrated solutions is the optimal way to change the misconceptions in the drone market. Companies like Microdrones, offer the complete package from durable and proven unmanned aircraft, technologically advanced payloads, and start to stop customer support. Microdrones Sales Director Mike Hogan explains, “People often think that drones will just do everything themselves, that’s there’s an ‘Easy’ button. At the end of the day, they’re just another tool they are using. There’s no one button you push and everything will happen. There’s still a workflow and there’s still expertise from a human that needs to be put into all the stages of operation.”

If you have questions about drone technology, need help debunking some myths or want answers to clear up any misconceptions schedule some time to talk with our friendly, helpful sales team!

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