Large corporate campuses present organizations with the opportunity to foster their culture, brand and purpose in an all-encompassing physical landscape. These exclusive operational utopias provide a unique setting for employees, offering a sense of community where they not only work, but where they want to stay, play, eat and socialize.

Commanding large parcels of real estate, which typically house a headquarters surrounded by smaller satellite offices, dineries, gyms, landscaped lawns, parking lots, healthcare facilities and more, can be challenging to traverse. From meetings at the R&D building on the west side, to rallying speeches for the sales department on the east side, to lunch in the cafeteria on the north side, and presentations in the corporate boardroom on the south side, employees spend unnecessary time commuting by foot, arriving worn out, disheveled, and ofttimes, late.

Offering companies a superlative solution for cross-campus shuttling, electric scooters Powered by Segway allow employees to grab an e-scooter and go with no planning necessary. Convenient and fun, e-scooters Powered by Segway are eco-friendly, providing quiet and clean personal mobility for team members to travel from one side of campus to the other without breaking a sweat. Staff arrive on time and composed, saving the organization dollars by providing a transportation method that puts employees where they need to be more quickly.

E-Scooters Powered by Segway are taking over corporate campuses, empowering employee mobility and increased productivity.