A Powerful Approach to Rebranding and Showcasing in Pro AV


When KPIs are being met and a business is running smoothly, should companies keep doing what they are doing or should they evolve? Consistency doesn’t always lead to longevity; the need to change is sometimes inevitable. Every brand will eventually find itself needing to pivot, and today we explore what that means for one company in Pro AV: AtlasIED. Joining us to give her perspective on company evolution in AV and how InfoComm guides that adaptation is Gina Sansivero, vice president of marketing and corporate communications.

AtlasIED has been a leader in the space for years, but mainly in three areas: speakers, mic stands, and airport communications. According to Gina, “Those three segments are vastly different. They’ve certainly helped us get our foot in the door lots of places. Speakers may get a customer interested, but then we tell our story that includes what else we do like other hardware and software. This new ecosystem that can take care of audio communications for a variety of applications.”

So, what was the catalyst for AtlasIED’s evolution? Much of it was the vision of the company’s president, whom Sansivero praises as a visionary in the industry. The company’s new focus on providing complete solutions has been supported by their campaign, which uses the hashtag #youdidntseethiscoming. It began as a story about their new strategically hidden speaker but then took on a new life. “It became a double message; not just about the hidden speaker but about the new energy we’re bringing to the industry.”

With InfoComm just days away, AtlasIED is ready to take the stage, presenting itself in a new light as a complete audio solutions provider. “This year, we are focusing on showcasing complete solutions and how our products work together and integrate. And the great thing is that all the products we’re showing at InfoComm are in stock and ready to ship,” Sansivero said.

This is powerful and a surprisingly unexpected thing for a showcase at InfoComm, which is often led by innovative solutions that are just around the corner, not always a complete company catalog of what’s innovative in the market today.

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