For two decades, the name Segway has been synonymous with leading-edge personal mobility vehicles. In 1999, company founder Dean Kamen launched his novel, personal transporter designed to move urban dwellers short distances and end the last mile problem. At this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas, Segway unveiled its latest innovation­­––the Shared Scooter Model MAX, specifically engineered for the booming scooter-sharing industry.

Scooter-Sharing Takes Off

Scooter-sharing has exploded in the last two years, with urban riders in cities across the world now able to use their mobile phones to locate a nearby electric scooter, hop on, and dash about the city. Commuters enjoy the scooters as a “last mile” solution, helping zip them from a subway or bus stop to their final destination. With scores of riders utilizing scooters each day, it’s no surprise that these electric devices suffer wear and tear that increases maintenance costs and decreases their lifespan. That’s where the Scooter Model Max, Powered by Segway, comes in. The scooter is designed to withstand heavy use, lowering operating and maintenance costs borne by scooter-sharing companies.

Engineered for Maximum Durability

The Shared Scooter Model Max is made for shared usage scenarios. Engineered with aircraft grade aluminum, the sturdy construction enhances the vehicle’s durability and reliability, extending product longevity even with heavy consumer use. The Model Max also boasts weather resistance properties and cable protection to safeguard against excessive wear and vandalism. 10-inch front and back tubeless tires provide a smoother ride and trafficability on various terrain. A double brake system delivers greater safety and stability to ensure commuters enjoy the best ride experience. Since the only profit-making electric scooter is one with juice in its battery, the Model Max comes with an extended battery life that can exceed 60km/37.5 miles on a single charge.

Perfect for E-Scooter Operators

The Shared Scooter Model Max was developed by evaluating the needs of scooter-sharing operators and creating a solution that will return the maximum benefit. The scooter can be customized for different e-scooter operators, and the integrated 3A high power charger can be paired with a 5A super charger and is compatible with a variety of sharing operations. The scooter revolution is here and Segway is excited to lead the way with scooters “Powered by Segway.” Watch a video on the new Shared Scooter Model Max.