It seems that every ten years or so, the international community is spellbound by a tragic story of people trapped deep beneath the earth’s surface. Just weeks ago, the rescue of a Thai soccer team from a complex cave system dominated headlines. 2010 saw over 30 Chilean miners trapped for more than two months. Both stories served as serious reminders of the dangers miners and other subterranean workers face every day. For that industry, equipment is everything in a hostile, alien environment. The recent release of SiOnyx’s Aurora offers a new, powerful tool for those workers in the form of the world’s first day/night camera with true night vision.
Clear Advantages Over Current Technology

Anyone who has tried taking a photo in poor lighting has realized the limitations of most cameras. They require substantial light to offer even serviceable images. The Aurora takes detailed footage no matter the lighting, allowing for unprecedented visual capture in low-light conditions. Even more, most day/night cameras show monochrome IR images unless they’re professional grade, and therefore prohibitively expensive. SiOnyx’s Aurora offers color capture at night and underground at a fraction of the investment.[1] Also, it’s waterproof. It’s simply a game-changer.

Features That Excel in a Tight Spot

The Aurora camera is compact and offers a comfortable form factor, both very important in tight quarters and when the stakes are high. A simple, streamlined interface makes swapping from day to twilight and night modes convenient. The much larger sensor than comparable models makes detailed color images possible while compensating for shifts in exposure with ease. “The Aurora camera is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Dan Timony from Goldcorp, the world’s fourth-largest gold producer that handles gold from mining to processing. “Very impressive technology at a reasonable price,” Dan said.

The Pressing Need for Underground-Capable Equipment

Underground mines around the world provide the precious and rare-earth minerals necessary for valuable technology like smartphones and microchips.[2] Compared to surface mines, they’re significantly more efficient. But that efficiency comes at a cost of increased danger. Though there are standard features of underground mines, each poses a unique layout and with it unique dangers. Equipment like SiOnyx’s Aurora gives workers more control and ultimately minimizes the dangers of working in near to total dark conditions by increasing their visibility and survey capabilities.

As the demand for minerals only grows, the power and utility of the tools sent along with mining workers must keep pace. Avoiding situations like that in Chile begins well before anyone goes under the ground. It starts with technology like SiOnyx’s Aurora and its unprecedented combination of power and affordability.

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