Tech Data Systems Set to Wow at TAAO & ICTA Annual Conference

The TAAO & ICTA Annual Conference 2018 is right around the corner, set to take place August 26th-29th at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. This year’s conference is slated to be the premier, not-to-be-missed event that all property tax professionals should attend, offering a keynote address by motivational speaker Tim O’Shea, breakout sessions hosted by knowledgeable professionals, board, committee, and industry-related informational meetings, a golf tournament at Fort Worth’s newly reconstructed Rockwood Golf Course, a Fun Run/Walk, Yoga, or Sleep-In event that supports the Walter Stoneham scholarship, a Red Carpet event, plenty of great meals, and exhibitor booths, providing a plethora of networking opportunities for every attendee.

Visit TDS at Booth 101

While at the conference, be sure to visit Tech Data Systems at Booth 101. A leading supplier of equipment, software, supplies and service to banks, credit unions, local governments and corporations in Texas, Oklahoma and the U.S., TDS has over 75 products, including their TDS CCR-500, the automated cash room solution, and their Jaguar Digital Payment Processing system, both of which TDS will be demonstrating at TAAO & ICTA.

Improve Cash Flow with the TDS CCR-500

Recently unveiled at TACA 2018, the TDS CCR-500 Retail Cash Recycler is the revolutionary all-in-one automated cash room solution for small to mid-size retail chains and government offices. By integrating the CIMA Currency Recycling Unit with the CC&D Coin Recycling Unit, the TDS CCR-500 receives, dispenses and authenticates all currency and coin. However, that’s not all! The TDS CCR-500 also makes change, stores deposits throughout the day, dispenses pre-programmed till amounts, then accurately reconciles those tills and creates a bank deposit with just a few taps on the monitor. Cutting down both the time and management staff hours needed to maintain cash throughout the day, the TDS CCR-500 removes the human error factor, supports employee accountability, and records transactions via back-office software for management review and auditing, all while improving overall cash flow.

Improve Payment Processing with Jaguar Software

Also on deck at this year’s TAAO & ICTA Conference is Tech Data System’s Jaguar Digital Payment Processing System. Using MICR, CAR/LAR, ICR, OCR, and/or Barcode recognition software, the system nets the necessary data from checks, check stubs, statements, and payment coupons.  Operators simply feed documents and checks through the desktop check scanner. Fields are then populated with the captured information in your accounting software and an electronic deposit is created. Moreover, with IntelligentField, fields can be configured to populate based on previously entered data. Once the information is captured, the Jaguar software prompts the appropriate AR actions, balancing transactions quickly which can then be exported to accounting systems and electronically deposited to the bank with a few mouse clicks.

TDS Listens to Provide Turnkey Solutions

Founded in Dallas in 1991, TDS is the premier supplier of equipment, software, supplies and service to banks, credit unions, local governments and corporations throughout Texas, Oklahoma and the U.S. Valuing partnerships over profit, people over machines, and service over sales, the products and service at Tech Data Systems are only second to their ability to listen to their client’s unique needs, spanning the space between broker and partner with a focus on delivering time- and money-saving solutions to the payments industry.

Be sure and stop by Booth 101 to say howdy at TAAO & ICTA in Fort Worth. Meet the team and learn more about TDS’s cutting-edge payment-sensitive products and turnkey solutions tailor-made to meet any business’ requirements. Get ahead of the crowd by visiting Tech Data Systems online today to check out the features, specifications, and benefits of the Jaguar Digital Payment Processing System and TDS CCR-500 Retail Cash Recycler before the show!


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