How UAVs Are Driving Data’s Success, with Gorka Zarauz of Geown Data Solutions


In 2018, Forrester reported that up to 73 percent of the data collected today by companies goes unused. Why? Usually, it’s because it’s just too much to sift through and make sense of.

On today’s Software & Technology Podcast, Tyler Kern interviews Gorka Zarauz, Chief Operations Officers at Geown Data Solutions.

Geown is trying to collect quality data for companies rather than a massive quantity of data, and it does so through robots, drones, and other unmanned vehicles. The company looks at collected data and makes important decisions for people in the construction, agriculture, and mining industries, among others.

A construction company may fly a drone to find out how big a pile of rubble or material is, where highways are located, or to see any potential infrastructure problems, and that data must be analyzed as quickly as possible. For agricultural use, Geown may be flying over a vineyard to check on the status of this season’s grape crops. The company might also use drones to check damages after a natural catastrophe.

Because of the variety in clients, Zarauz said, “there are no two systems which are equal so we have to be customized for each one, which is good and bad. We can be very accurate and precise on the exact system and need for the client. There are no two needs which are the same, different needs for all of the clients. We need to adapt because the need for agricultural is not the same for construction.”

To succeed and deliver quality data to varied clients, Zarauz has helped build a team of dedicated and solutions-driven professionals at Geown Data Solutions. Of his 10-12 person staff, half of his team has at least one Ph.D., while many have two or more, and the other half has at least one Master’s degree, if not two.

“They are extremely smart and they come up with very creative solutions that I would never think of, so the beauty of being small is that you can prototype new things and be a solution provider for our clients,” Zarauz said.

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