Craig McCue says

According to Craig McCue, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for OrecX, 60 percent of companies’ customer interaction data comes from voice data.

Most people might seem to prefer emails or texts to phone calls these days, but the statistic is true, and yet a lot of companies don’t understand how impactful this can be on daily operations or important business decisions. With the early focus on big data in the early part of the decade, people started realizing that there was a missing piece in all the insight they were trying to leverage, and that missing piece was voice data.

On this episode of the Software & Technology podcast, McCue explains why installing voice recording software is really no different from any other software platform; clients will review products that have many similar features and will select whether they would like to record 100 percent of calls, a certain subset, or calls on demand.

“Each client’s needs tend to be unique and what we find from our clients is that they expect more from a call recording solution,” McCue said.

Customers require more security, and they want more flexibility with their hardware, OS, and database or cloud solution. Additionally, they want their new system to be deployed quickly, which is why OrecX prides itself on installing voice recording systems within 30 minutes and provide a same-day ROI to clients.

“Call centers are continuing to use call recording to resolve disputes and to achieve compliance, but they’re adding some to increase agent performance,” McCue said.

The most important of these additions is the ability to mine this customer data to help them realize new goals and trends within customers in the marketplace.

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