What’s Changing With Live Events

May 28, 2023
irfan ullah

Janné Mummert and Kirk Lane discuss what’s changing with live events, rebounding after the pandemic, and more.

The pandemic took a sizable bite out of the live event market, but resiliency in the face of adversity breeds opportunity. Kirk Lane, an Event Producer at Clarity Experiences, joined Janné Mummert to talk about the past couple of years and how that’s changed live events, in many ways for the better.

Lane said Clarity’s growth pattern is steadily trending upwards. “I’m one of two or three new producers that have been hired within the last six months to a year,” Lane said. “They’re looking at adding new account managers, and we’re expanding our workforce with our professionals in the various fields depending on the types of shows we’re doing.”

Lane credits Clarity’s innovation during the pandemic to tap into the virtual world and its expansion of capabilities to weather the storm and come out on the other end, ready to take on live events with more solutions than before COVID-19 hit. “They built a studio inside their offices, and they were doing weekly broadcasts, offering it to long-term clients and new clients. I think that opened many doors for them, breaking down the barriers of fear on the virtual side,” said Lane.

Today, live events contain many of the best solutions used during the pandemic to make them more dynamic than ever. “You can have a much wider audience, as well, that can download that content,” Lane said. “I also think it broke the barriers as it relates to the recording and utilizing the archival aspect of it, as well as being able to put together packages to offer to their attendees and various associations.”

While pulling off top-notch virtual events was fun for Lane, he said he was thrilled to be back creating live event productions again. “Sometimes there are some exciting challenges, especially with the hybrid scenario.”

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