Amazon’s Q2 Online Sales Rise 16% to $53.1 Billion

On July 29, Amazon said it saw a 16% increase in online sales to $53.1 billion in 2021. Product sales and digital media products available in both a physical and digital format, such as books, videos, games, music and software all count as online sales. Subscription revenue for the company broke $7.9 billion, up 32% from $6 billion the previous year.

In that time period, Prime Video had several major Amazon Original releases for customers worldwide. Both Tom Clancy’s ‘Without Remorse,’ starring Michael B. Jordan, and ‘The Tomorrow War,’ starring Chris Pratt, were the No. 1 streamed movies on their opening weekends.

Prime Video also announced new streaming deals with NFL Thursday Night Football, 16 WNBA games per season, the Commissioner’s Cup Championship Game, the Premier League in the U.K. and 300+ Ligue 1 soccer matches per season in France. Prime Video also streamed the French Open night matches and the Australian Swimming Trials globally for the first time.

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