Bubble Skincare Refreshing and Authentic Consumer-Centered Products

December 13, 2022
Melissa Gonzalez

As any good entrepreneur knows, starting a new business should address a consumer gap. For Bubble Skincare CEO and Founder, Shai Eisenman, she identified the need of affordable skincare that was accessible, made with clean ingredients, and centered around its target consumers – Generation Z teens. With such a refreshing approach to business, host of Retail Refined, Melissa Gonzalez, sat down with Eisenman to discuss Bubble’s success.

So, how did Eisenman build this competitive, consumer-relevant business at just 27 years old in 2018? Relying on marketing basics, she first conducted secondary and primary research and formulated a consumer journey. Then, she built a community of 5,000 consumers that gave feedback on and approved/built every component of the brand — from formulation to experience to packaging. The strategy and research results, while surprising, helped develop a strong brand with loyal customers.

“Everything we thought was right, was actually wrong,” she admitted. “Consumers are very different than what we thought. They are still using very old school products and are not influenced by the Millennial explosion of beauty brands that existed… they want to know more and learn more about skincare, but they didn’t have access.”

Eisenman revealed that other skincare businesses have priced out younger generations, and the more traditional, affordable brands only offer products that haven’t
changed since their creation decades ago. Additionally, many U.S. brands use ingredients that are considered toxic and banned in the European Union. For these reasons, Eisenman decided to build Bubble around its consumers, providing products with an average price of $15 in 9,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Eisenman and Gonzalez discuss…

● Bubble CEO & Founder Shai Eisenman centers business around consumers.
● Bubble was created for Generation Z consumers seeking affordable, clean
skincare products.
● Considering consumers’ reactions and expectations is at the core of Bubble’s
business model.

Bubble Skincare cares about all of its customers health, as shown through Bubble’s mental health donation program and discount for therapy and their partnership with Justin Jefferson and Melvin Gordan, ensuring her 40% male customers don’t feel left out.

As an early-bloomer in the business world — beginning her college career at 15 and business career at 16 — Eisenman looks forward to continuing to shake up the industry and mold the Bubble brand to consumer’s expectations.

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