From Brick-and-Mortar to WEB3: The Future of Retail in a Digital-First World

November 11, 2023
Christine Russo

In an era where retail is rapidly transforming, understanding the nuances of technology, strategy, and innovation has never been more critical. The retail industry is at a crossroads, grappling with the integration of digital and physical experiences, and the stakes are high. This backdrop sets the stage for a compelling discussion on the future of retail during the latest episode of “Fad, Trend or Strategy” by What Just Happened.

What does it truly take to innovate and thrive in today’s retail environment? This core question is explored in-depth in the latest episode of “Fad, Trend or Strategy,” hosted by Christine Russo. The show welcomes two distinguished guests, Andrew Laudato, COO of The Vitamin Shoppe, and Chris Silver, Advisory Council Member at Soles4Souls, offering a deep dive into the future of retail and the intersection of retail strategy and technology.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. The evolving role of technology in retail, from gamification to mobile payments.
  2. The debate between building versus buying technology in retail.
  3. The significance of omnichannel strategies and the future of retail innovation.

Andrew Laudato, a seasoned executive with a rich background in retail and technology, has been instrumental in driving technological innovations and efficiency improvements across various operational domains at The Vitamin Shoppe. Chris Silver, an Advisory Council Member at Soles4Souls, contributes his expertise in customer technology and retail innovation.

Article written by MarketScale.

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