Domino’s Leads the Pack in Digital Innovation by Embracing AI Across All Operations for Unmatched Efficiency

March 22, 2024
Melissa Gonzalez


As technology continues to reshape the retail landscape, digital innovation, especially through artificial intelligence (AI), takes center stage. Its transformative power over store operations and customer experiences positions AI at the forefront of industry evolution, driving businesses to explore how these tools can refine efficiency, enhance  personalization, and redefine the shopping experience.

How can AI revolutionize the retail sector, especially in enhancing customer interaction and operational efficiency?

This conversation unfolds on the “Retail Refined” podcast where host, Melissa Gonzalez engages with Christopher Thomas-Moore, Chief Digital Officer at Domino’s at ShopTalk 2024. Moore brings a wealth of experience in e-commerce, marketing, and digital communications, crucial for understanding and enhancing customer experiences in today’s digital age.

Episode Highlights:

  • Exploring AI’s Impact: The discussion delves into how AI, from machine learning to generative AI, is being leveraged to improve both customer experiences and store operations at Domino’s.
  • Practical Applications and Challenges: Insights into Domino’s strategic approach to integrating AI, highlighting successes, learning curves, and the ongoing journey towards operational excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • The Human Element: Christopher emphasizes the significance of change management, stakeholder engagement, and the critical role of human insight in harnessing AI’s potential responsibly and effectively.

Guest Spotlight: Christopher Thomas-Moore boasts an impressive track record in digital innovation within the retail sector. His role at Domino’s covers a broad spectrum, including digital experience, loyalty programs, customer care, retail technology, delivery innovations, and international digital marketing. Christopher’s diverse background and leadership in digital strategy underscore his unique perspective on the intersection of AI, retail, and customer engagement.

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