How to Sell a Product Concept to Retailers

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Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry’s biggest B2B challenges online and offline.


Host Jennifer Ruscin shares her insights on how to make an impact in retail buyer meetings without an actual product. Ruscin has extensive knowledge of the process. She’s successfully helped companies sell millions of dollars of products to Walmart and Amazon.

Ruscin explained that companies need to take three main steps to pitch a concept. Her take on this comes after helping a Walmart cooking client expand their offerings from just one hero product.

“Buyers like to get hands dirty and like to collaborate on packaging and features. Ask them questions and understand opportunities” – Jennifer Ruscin

Step one is to present top picks. Ruscin said, “Present your top picks for new products, and tell them why. Also, have some supplemental ones just in case.”

Step two is to have options. Ruscin explains this can be related to packaging, flavors, or scents, depending on the category. While she noted you don’t want a whole suitcase, options are good for buyers.

Step three is getting buyer feedback and involving them in the process. “Buyers like to get hands dirty and like to collaborate on packaging and features. Ask them questions and understand opportunities,” Ruscin said.

Ultimately, those creating consumer products should remember they aren’t just selling to a retailer; they are selling to a buyer.

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