Prioritizing Customers Needs Enhances Every Shopper’s Buying Experience

July 26, 2023
Alexandra Simon


Every retailer strategizes in prioritizing customers needs differently, but it remains a focal point. As digital retail often overshadows brick-and-mortar stores, Saatva, the luxury mattress, bedding, and furniture brand, proves that the tangible retail experience still holds significant value. The key lies in harmonizing online and physical retail platforms, optimizing customer experience, and tailoring strategies to address specific market dynamics. 

Saatva’s innovative approach extends beyond its diverse product offerings to include customer service reps at each store who are simultaneously available online, enhancing customers’ touchpoints and enabling better product understanding. Their approach to prioritizing customers needs meets shoppers in every aspect. Elaborating on the company’s retail journey and future strategies on “Retail Refined” is Ricky Joshi, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Saatva.

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