Retail Refined with Henry Stupp

The retail industry is a dynamic landscape that demands constant adaptation to shifting consumer habits, market fluctuations, and technological advancements. With retail spending projected to reach a staggering $31.3 trillion by 2025, it is crucial for brand management companies to stay ahead of the curve. One such company making waves in the industry is Authentic Brands Group (ABG), renowned for its diverse portfolio of high-consumer awareness brands.

What is Authentic Brands Group doing differently from other brand management companies?

On this episode of Retail Refined with Melissa Gonzalez, host Melissa Gonzalez joins us from Barcelona with guest Henry Stupp, the President of EMEA & India, Authentic Brands Group. The two chat about the conference and the upcoming trends in the industry.

The Authentic Brands Group is a big name in the industry, having acquired brands like Eddie Bauer, Forever 21, Brooks Brothers, and Reebok – to name a few. Most recently, ABG acquired Ted Baker London and started a Joint Venture with David Beckham, a big move and exciting acquisition for the group.

Stupp noted, “We’re very pleased with the acquisition of Ted Baker and the JV with David because those were two brands specifically outside the United States which really speaks to the globalization of Authentic and our reach and the commitment we’re making to really build our offices all over the world.”

The two also cover…

  • What the most exciting upcoming opportunities are for ABG
  • Stupp’s take on physical versus online retail systems
  • The Top Three criteria that ABG looks for in their partners

“We like stores and we think that the physical presence is really important. I’m often asked…what the future of retail is and I always say if you want to know about the future of retail, go back a hundred years. Cause it really, you know, the technology’s changed but the underpinnings haven’t. It’s about the social experience, it’s about customer service, yes we use new technologies to communicate…but really what worked then is what works today…” said Stupp.

Stupp holds over 30 years of leadership experience in the licensing and brand marketing industries. Before joining ABG, he most recently served as Chief Executive Officer of Apex Global Brands, during which he provided M&A oversight and introduced new licenses and brands to a global retail audience. He has also served as Co-Founder of NTD Apparel, a leading licensee of entertainment, character, and sports branded apparel to major North American retailers. Stupp is a qualified NYSE and NASDAQ financial expert and is a graduate of Concordia University in Economics.

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