Retailers Are Moving More Towards a ‘Digital-First’ Strategy. It’s Greatly Improving D2C Numbers

Brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce platforms are rapidly blending, adopting a digital-first strategy is crucial for retail giants. Straddling the evolving terrains of customer preferences and technological advancements, companies are faced with a monumental task of transforming their operations end-to-end, effectively marrying their wholesale brands with a direct-to-consumer operational model. 

Amid this challenge and opportunity, businesses are uncovering new ways to rewire their supply chains, reshape their merchandise planning, and redesign their store experiences. Offering some more understanding into this topic, Dan Cherian, VP of Transformation at VF Corporation, talked about this retail revolution for an episode of “Retail Refined.”

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synthetic voice
Iron Out the Ethical and Legal Issues and Synthetic Voice Technology Could Generate Many Solutions
September 25, 2023

AI-generated technology in synthetic voice raises new hope and concerns about its use. Researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and UC Berkeley have developed a revolutionary brain-computer interface (BCI) that enables a paralyzed woman to communicate via a digital avatar, translating brain signals into speech and facial expressions. Meanwhile, Google is […]

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Sightline respirator
Sightline Respirator Product for Maximum Visibility in Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
September 25, 2023

On the latest episode of Expert Insights, presented by Benchmark Products, host Jennifer Parker sat down with Greg Steller, National Account Manager for Bullard™, to discuss Bullard’s groundbreaking Sightline product. The Sightline respirator, designed for sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing, offers a 320-degree panoramic viewing lens to ensure maximum visibility and reduce operator claustrophobia. Stellar emphasized […]

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Bullard Sightline Hood
The Bullard Sightline Hood
September 25, 2023

The Bullard™ Sightline Hood, crafted with Tychem® 2000 material, promises unparalleled comfort and productivity for users in manufacturing suites. Its design boasts features like a sleek profile, a panoramic 320-degree lens, effortless breathing, and a lightweight custom-fit hose that reduces head pressure. Enhanced with a roomy interior, soft sport knit neck cuff, and compatibility […]

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