Retailers Weigh in on Top Supplier Mistakes

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As retail brand marketers, solution providers and platforms set their sights on fourth quarter and 2021, Carol launched her episode series, “8 Mistakes Retail Suppliers Can’t Make.” In the series, Carol takes on the top retail B2B positioning and business development hurdles suppliers experience and provides tactics and takeaways for conquering them once and for all.

Retailers Weigh in on Top Supplier Mistakes

Retailers have never had more options at their disposal, including building brands, solutions, and services in-house. Retail suppliers must continually demonstrate value to earn a seat at the table. In the latest installment of her series 8 Mistakes Suppliers Can’t Make, Carol reveals findings from her survey of top retail leaders. She distills retailers’ insights and advice on supplier pitfalls and integrates relevant retail trajectories to prepare your teams for opportunities in 2021 and beyond. Are you ready to hear from the source?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Three mega-mistakes that retailers want you to stop making
  • How ignoring retailers’ platform power weakens your prospects
  • Why culture counts (but you’ve got to get it right)
  • Easy habits that will get you noticed and give you favor

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