Study Finds 60% of Consumers Take Advantage of Loopholes in the Return System

November 3, 2022
Melissa Gonzalez


Building brand loyalty is about putting the customer first, in every aspect. Tuned into this idea of proactive communication, Amit Sharma founded Narvar, a pioneering platform that helps brands engage with consumers beyond their purchase. In this episode of Retail Refined, host Melissa Gonzalez spoke with CEO and Founder Amit Sharma about engaging customers on Narvar’s platform to build brand loyalty.

Having worked for companies such as Apple and Walmart, Sharma broke off to create Narvar, a platform focused on engaging consumers through orderly tracking and shipping notifications. Now working with over 1200+ brands globally, Sharma’s post-purchase platform helps empower consumers through communication about their packaged delivery and return information. Sharma noted that Narvar is able to engage with consumers in a way that helps ease their worry about their purchases. This is especially important in a market that still faces constraints in the supply chain and label market. “What that means is orders are getting delayed in terms of fulfillment and in terms of deliveries,” said Sharma.

With Narvar technology tracking billions of packages and the trend of online shopping continuing, there are two things brands must keep in mind: consumers want communication and trust. Sharma said, “[The] customer wants that confidence and trust with the brand…” By setting the right expectation in the shipping journey, brands can help fulfill this want. Concurrently, fulfillment delays caused by and reacting to the label market has meant that notifications about the purchase and shipping process are important for informing the customer of accurate delivery dates. Sharma estimated that there will be about 15-20% of delays in fulfillment this year but active monitoring will help reduce customer concerns. He continued, “The same thing applies to after deliveries if they want to return it, can they return it in a convenient fashion?”

Narvar has helped build brand-enhancing moments through the power of proactive communication. Sharma noted that, “Every step of the way, on every touch point, the brand or retailer has to think about…transactionally how do we address the value for the consumer and…you have to build those experiences that are brand-enhancing and driving that repeat purchase or loyalty.”

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