The Booths You Had to See at NRF 2019

Brands of all sizes competed for attention at NRF 2019 in New York last week, and there were plenty of booths that captivated attendees with engaging demonstrations or exciting products. Over the course of the three-day expo, these companies stuck out:

Cisco: The technology company is providing software solutions that are already in the midst of changing the way consumers get their products. At NRF this year, Cisco took attendees on a multi-stop journey to show every element of their retail-enhancing technology, from order to delivery or pick-up.

HP: Virtual reality is often associated with entertainment and gaming, and HP made in-store management feel that way with its VR demo at the show. The tech allows inventory managers to visualize different shelf and store setups, as well as a comprehensive statistical analysis on specific products.

PAX Technology: Frictionless payment and security need to go hand in hand if its providers are to gain the public’s trust. PAX is consolidating the two areas in its latest offerings. It showed off its arsenal of digital payment stations and kiosks at NRF, and its security software.

KIBO: Connectivity is critical to the modern working environment. People expect efficiency and even small lags are considered major drawbacks to business operations. KIBO came to NRF to display its cloud-based customization and e-commerce tools but its Jelly Belly display was a major talking point.

Bossa Nova: With e-commerce as enticing for consumers as it is, brick-and-mortar retailers must make the in-store experience as flawless as possible. Bossa Nova’s shelf-scanning robot allows retail staff to engage with customers while inventory is checked without human error.

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