Grabbing and holding people’s attention as a creator is more important than ever. For many creators, this means creating infotainment for their audience, a piece of art that not only delivers on the fun, but the knowledge gained. For our guest today, his mission was just to entertain; the info came from a personal passion to be scientifically accurate, and people caught on.

On today’s Science podcast, Andy Weir, author of The Martian and Artemis, joined us to share in some laughs and give his take on the unexpected power of infotainment, from the living room to the classroom. He detailed his journey creating The Martian and Artemis, and how collaboration led to an unforeseen but welcomed bastion of life-long learning. We also couldn’t help ourselves and dived into some fictional geek-dom match-ups, from Luke Skywalker vs. Captain Picard, to Thanos vs. Doomsday. Buckle in.

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