AT&T Brings New Hologram Technology to Dallas

Hologram technology is here and AT&T is just one of many companies utilizing the fast-growing technology created by Proto Inc. as it brings hologram technologies to users around the globe. As holograms have gained traction with consumers, businesses, and athletes, Proto has expanded into more than 35 countries worldwide to bring its technology mainstream.

Noah Rothstein, Head of Global Customer Development at Proto, gives an in-depth breakdown of the technology packed into these futuristic boxes.

“We have created a device that allows you to have a holographic illusion, pretty much with a single camera, anywhere in the world at any time. You can beam in as your hologram self and talk to people at any moment as if you are there. So we’ve done a bunch of different kinds of use cases. Were fully globally deployed in I’d say about 40 different countries.

Now we do things from some universities, where we beam in medical professors to give lectures to students. They’re specialists in their field and they couldn’t be there ordinarily, but they’re able to beam in from Germany or beam in from Japan as if they’re there and talk in real time to students and interact as we also have.

We’ve deployed this in many sports stadiums and arenas where fans are able to engage with athletes whether it’s pre-recorded or live. They are able to take pictures with them. They’re able to find out more about maybe them joining the team or, how they grew up playing the sport that they love.

We’ve done crazy stuff with NFT art galleries where people end up being the live animated NFT with motion capture, and they’re able to interact as the animated character in real-time. We also recently did a major auction for Christie’s. We’ve actually done a couple of them now. They, instead of shipping the priceless artifact from place to place, they were able to have these units in many different locations and get more eyeballs on a piece of art than they ever could. And they did that with a documentary sculpture that ended up selling for about 40 million that actually never left the facility and people didn’t see it in person except for inside the device. It saved them all the travel costs, it saved them the insurance costs of that artifact, the security costs.”

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