It’s no secret that blockchain has emerged to become a disruptive technology in our world. The possibilities of it’s usage are not limited to cryptocurrency, which may be a common misconception; its core foundation of decentralization makes it ideal for data-driven optimization. Today, specifically, we will be discussing its use with data science, and how blockchain can and will eventually transform data science as we know it. We sat down with Luciano Pesci, CEO of Emperitas and a 5th time guest on MarketScale, to get his take on how blockchain can and will transform data science. “Block chain is a very different approach to data basing information,” Pesci said.

We take a look at the future of data science, what’s standing in the way of it’s reform through decentralization, and ultimately how the emergence of block chain in data sciences can open up a new frontier for machine learning and AI applications by using the past to predict the future. “Ethereum probably represents more of the future and more of what’s possible with data science moving forward than bitcoin,” Pesci said.

For more information about Emperitas and to see their list of the Top 100 Crypto Companies, you can click here.

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