On today’s podcast, MarketScale host Tyler Kern sits down with Bruce Kaskey, COO and Co-founder of OrecX, a company that specializes in call recording technology in order to help businesses understand and make actionable decisions around customer conversations and how their employees deal with those clients.

OrecX has joined us on the podcast before, breaking down the benefits and varied applications for call recording technology from how it impacts the CEO to how it impacts the call center. This time around, Kaskey spoke about the importance of collecting data and making better, actionable decisions based on those findings. He details the technologies that allow data capture and how those have come a very long way since the reel-to-reel recording days in the late 1980s.

With today’s advanced digitization, businesses are able to record screens of all types; with software like OrecX’s, companies can then easily search data based on a number of criteria in order to find calls that are under or over a certain minute mark, or at a particular time, and more easily find calls that may stand out with unique insight or need to be addressed if dealing with an underperforming employee.

Kaskey explains how OrecX’s clients range from financial markets to call centers and from startups to small businesses, and since there is an immense amount of metadata they need to analyze, each solution has to be handcrafted to meet the clients’ objective.

Give this podcast a listen to hear how open source software for call recording is ultimately enabling businesses to be more flexible, providing each client even more options (like AI) and integration that are leading the industry forward.

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