Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Manufacturing Automation


Each team member brings something unique to the table at Calvary Robotics. Their experience and expertise ensure that the company innovates and provides the best products for its users. On Advanced Automation, host Josh Gravelle spoke with Jamie Green, Director of Manufacturing, Calgary Robotics.

Green has over 23 years of experience in manufacturing and is an engineer. He worked with Calvary as a partner during his career and was excited to join the team in 2020. “This is my first manufacturing leadership role, and I’m enjoying what I’m doing.”

Joining the company during the pandemic brought new challenges and opportunities. “The supply chain has been a focus. It’s impacted lead times and material availability. We’re using standard products and building up inventory to take the volatility out of build time,” Green said.

While they don’t have robots building their robots, they use pre-engineered solutions and automation of support processes to get products to customers on time. Since they work across many industries, the knowledge they have can translate. “Regardless of the end market, techniques and tools can apply across many industries,” Green added.

The company has been quick to respond to new needs and delivering on quality. Green noted that there is a collaboration between different groups in the company, including mentoring. Since manufacturing has had quite a transformation with technology, seasoned workers can learn from younger workers. In turn, those veterans can provide education on what you can’t learn through technology.

The big lessons for manufacturing going forward will be to “remain diversified.” Green continued, adding that, “To stay competitive, companies will continue to focus on LEAN, automation in areas traditionally staffed by people, and new automation opportunities for online businesses like order fulfillment and material handling.”

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