Beyond Technology: Exploring Jobs and Company Culture at Acrelec


A great job is about more than just clocking in and out each day. More and more employees are searching for careers with purpose at companies with an international outlook and an eye on the future. At Acrelec a global company offering contemporary brand marketing, they aim to be more than just a great job, but an enjoyable place to work primed with careers that are challenging, innovative, and geared for growth.

On this jobcast episode of Beyond Technology: The Experience Podcast by Acrelec, we peeled back the company culture direction at Acrelec with Amanda Stamm, Marketing and Innovation Project Manager.

For those with an itch to travel, Acrelec boasts offices and projects around the world. With Paris offices in the works, overseas opportunities are within sight for incoming employees. For those wishing to stay close to home, Acrelec’s Chicago based office boasts a hip West Loop location, an updated office with rooftop, and an international city to call home.

But more than just a cool urban office, Acrelec values its employees.

“Right off the bat, they valued my opinion from day one,” Stamm said.

Though the digital transformation company has over 1,000 employees, it maintains a small business feel by listening and learning from each other’s input.

“I think that Acrelec got to where it is today by understanding ‘no idea is a bad idea’,” Stamm said when asked what makes Acrelec unique.

By embracing out of the box thinkers and prioritizing clients, Acrelec focuses on a future of collaboration, growth, and innovation.

If you’d like to apply for a position at Acrelec, from France to the US, click here.

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