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For The Love of Travel Is Trying to Change How You Travel

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The passion for travel can inspire more than just memories—it can also become a successful career. That’s the story of Tara Cappel, Founder and CEO of For the Love of (FTLO) Read more


Go Paperless: Moving from a Manual to Electronic Tracking System
March 29, 2023

Many medical instruments are reusable, which has made tracking them through the sterilization process very important. These instruments often require inspection, maintenance, and sterilization to ensure maximum patient safety. Some healthcare facilities still track their instruments with paper and pen, exposing them to human error, credibility, time-consuming recalls, and boxes of archives that need to be stored. […]

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ProvenDB Goes All-In On Hedera and AlwaysNFT Helps Cover Your Assets
March 28, 2023

As it becomes more popular, blockchain is becoming known for one permanent feature: trust. Big tech corporations across the world, like IBM, are starting to use and build blockchains, not only for themselves but for their consumers. On the downside, popular blockchains like Ethereum can not only be expensive, but extremely variable, making it difficult […]

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Gossip about Gossip: How Platforms Provide Content Creators with Cryptocurrency Payment
March 28, 2023

In the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency, getting paid for certain types of content via the digital medium is a lot more layered than meets the eye. According to Cointelegraph, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened crypto payments as there was an increase of these payments. As content creators use various web platforms to promote and […]

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For The Love of Travel Is Trying to Change How You Travel
October 14, 2021

The passion for travel can inspire more than just memories—it can also become a successful career. That’s the story of Tara Cappel, Founder and CEO of For the Love of (FTLO) Travel and Sojrn. She joined host Sarah Dandashy on Say Yes to Travel to talk about travel trends and her launch of Sojrn. “Travel has always been […]

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What is the Key to Sustainability in the Final Frontier?
April 7, 2021

On the Space to Grow podcast, Astroscale’s Chris Blackerby and Charity Weeden bring their compelling experience and expertise to map out the technology, international policy, and scalability that will define the next generation of space exploration.   There are three distinct areas of space exploration—civil, commercial, and defense. It’s rare to find a leader that has contributed to all three. Space to […]

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Expedia CEO Peter Kern Predicts a Rise in Domestic Travel This Year
March 16, 2021

Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern discusses business amid the pandemic and his expectations on the travel industry as more people get vaccinated. Kern spoke in an interview with Bloomberg’s Kailey Leinz and Guy Johnson.       Transcript Kern: We mentioned in our earnings that we’re starting to see some better numbers in January, and […]

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Australia Turns Away International Students in 2021, Welcoming AU$34 Billion dollar Dent in Economy
December 7, 2020

Few countries have been as firm with their response to the coronavirus as country (and island) Australia. By capping entry and enforcing a strict 2-week quarantine, the country recently celebrated a six-day streak reporting no new locally-acquired COVID infections, according to Reuters. Australia continues this strict course of action into 2021 as it makes the […]

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71% of Tech Workers Would Move Overseas and Work Remotely if They Could
September 1, 2020

A new study released this by Remote, an HR technology startup enabling simplified global employment, highlights the wide reaching impact Covid-19 has had on how the UK tech community views the role of location in the future of work. For many people during lockdown, remote work meant working from home, but the future may hold […]

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How EdTech Should Go Global
June 15, 2020

As we near the end of the academic year, educators are planning for an uncertain future. Districts are facing daunting budget cuts, and the very structure of school is in flux: will students return to brick-and-mortar schools with modified schedules and/or classroom designs? Will they continue to learn online? Or will it be a combination […]

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Microsoft Education Details Remote Learning Successes And Goals
May 13, 2020

Industry behemoth Microsoft Education this week began to document how the company is responding to the global pandemic and offers resources for institutions to move forward. Alexa Joyce, Future-Ready Skills Lead at Microsoft, posted a comprehensive summary of what countries that have already passed through COVID have been able to accomplish so that those who […]

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Why You Should Think Locally When You Build Globally
March 19, 2020

The nature of good business is growth. When that growth expands to new countries, there are a few very specific challenges that await. On this episode of the Sounds Like Success podcast, Dean Standing, International Sales Manager for AtlasIED, sat down with Sean Heath and they discussed the challenges of expanding into new countries. […]

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Beyond Technology: Exploring Jobs and Company Culture at Acrelec
October 21, 2019

A great job is about more than just clocking in and out each day. More and more employees are searching for careers with purpose at companies with an international outlook and an eye on the future. At Acrelec a global company offering contemporary brand marketing, they aim to be more than just a great job, […]

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