Data Plumbers ELLKAY Forge New Paths in Interoperability

February 9, 2024

ELLKAY, self-described as the healthcare industry’s “data plumbers,” plays a vital role in improving interoperability across healthcare segments, including labs, hospitals, health systems, EHR vendors, and payers. The collaboration with CommonWell Health Alliance underscores ELLKAY’s commitment to enhancing data exchange, thus facilitating better patient care. Kamal Patel, ELLKAY’s CEO, highlights the company’s growth and the significant impact of partnering with CommonWell in expanding their network and interoperability capabilities. Patel envisions a future where advanced data sharing enables predictive medicine and more personalized patient care. This partnership exemplifies a shared goal of creating a more connected and efficient healthcare ecosystem, with CommonWell Health Alliance driving progress towards comprehensive data accessibility and interoperability in healthcare.

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