Envisioning the Infrastructure to Support Drone Deliveries

Both pilots and companies are navigating a thin line between security and innovation. Host Grant Guillot talks with leaders, influencers, and experts across the drone industry to guide us through the complex web of technology and policy in the United States.


This could be the golden age of drone delivery. However, like any form of logistics, it requires a fully developed infrastructure. Many players in the industry are working to make this happen. Drones in America host Grant Guillot spoke with two stakeholders in this initiative, Sid Venkat, Global Account Manager, and Tobias Hoffman, Head of Research and Development, of EVA.

Venkat described the company’s story, “We noticed a huge gap in making the infrastructure for drone operations to reach its full potential.”

“Infrastructure is building the future roads for drones.” -Tobias Hoffman

That’s where the company turned, and now has a global reach, working with a variety of interested parties. Venkat explained, “There’s a mix of government and private business contributing. It depends on the country. Malaysia is a champion in their region, building robotic cities and creating ecosystems.”

EVA’s focus is on drone stations and fleet management as the footing of the infrastructure. “When drone operations reach a certain threshold, there are safety and efficiency factors. Drone stations centralize and allow for takeoff, landing, and gathering intelligence,” Venkat said.

Hoffman offered this parallel to describe the importance of infrastructure, “It’s like building the future roads for drones, and the drone stations are like gas stations. It collects data, which anyone can use, and can determine if drone corridors are safe.”

To achieve full-scale drone delivery, operators need the same type of structure as any other mode of transportation. EVA and its partners are focusing on all types of drones at different sizes and payloads. Hoffman added, “It’s a last mile solution and more, so it’s certainly the foundation for drone infrastructure.”

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