Exploring Camera Trends

February 22, 2023

The world of broadcast-quality cameras and other Pro AV electronics changed dramatically over the past three years. Video streaming and live-streaming capabilities are in high demand.

So, what has been happening in the Pro-AV camera space since the pandemic reshaped the landscape? From the next generation of broadcast cameras to the latest and greatest in video live-streaming capabilities, MarketScale’s Michelle Dawn Mooney knows who to talk to for answers.

On this first episode of Beyond the Lens, Mooney conversed with Tod Musgrave, senior Director the Cameras Division for Marshall Electronics.

Mooney and Musgrave covered a lot of ground in their conversation, and some of the highlights include the following:

• Ongoing Broadcast, Pro AV and POV

• Challenges customers face with new live-stream technology

• 2023 industry trade shows that Marshall will showcase new products

“Our biggest tradeshow every year is the NAB show,” Musgrave said. “But BSC Expo is coming up in London, and I’ll be over there showing our miniature, NDI, and HX3 cameras. It’s what we call our POV. We do a lot in POV, and we do a lot in pan, tilt, and zoom. But our POV camera is what we cut our teeth on. It’s quite often used in NBA backboards. “They were built into the pylons in Super Bowls in years past.”

Tod Musgrave has been the Director of Cameras for Marshall Broadcast & Pro AV for over ten years, and his background in AV extends over twenty-five years. Musgrave received his BS in Marketing Management and Engineering from West Virginia University.

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