Facial Authentication Provides Frictional Access and Optimum Security Users

At ISC West 2023, Alcatraz AI shows how the power of a simple face can grant secure admittances whenever needed without any fear of tailgating or admitting an unauthorized individual.

With Alcatraz AI Facial Authentication, users can say ‘goodbye’ to key cards, codes, key fobs, and other less-than-ideal tools of admittance. Instead, a user can gain frictionless entrance simply by the power of their face.  Alcatraz AI is a company that provides access control systems using facial recognition technology. Their system is designed to enhance the security and convenience of access control in commercial and industrial settings.

The facial recognition technology used by Alcatraz AI involves capturing an image of an individual’s face and comparing it to a database of previously captured images to identify the individual. The system is designed to be highly accurate and can operate in a variety of lighting conditions.

The Alcatraz AI system is also designed to address some of the common concerns associated with facial recognition technology, such as privacy and data security. The system captures only the necessary data needed for identification and encrypts all data to protect it from unauthorized access.

The biometrics of Alcatraz AI facial recognition involves the use of various physical and behavioral characteristics to identify individuals. Specifically, the system captures and analyzes various facial features such as the distance between the eyes, the shape of the jawline, and the curvature of the lips, among others. By combining both physical and behavioral biometrics, the system is designed to provide a highly accurate and reliable means of identifying individuals.

One of the advantages of using biometrics for identification purposes is that it provides a unique and non-transferable means of authentication. Unlike a password or a key, biometric data is inherent to the individual and cannot be easily replicated or shared with others.

Alcatraz AI is taking concerns about biometric consent prior to enrollment. Once a user opts in, they can easily use their face to gain access in a safe and secure way. Biometrics is the next generation of autonomous security and it’s easy for security professionals to administer.

Tad Druart, Vice President of Marketing of Alcatraz AI, Tad shares his thoughts on facial authentication coupled with biometrics for frictionless, secure access. He also discusses cloud security and the benefit of autonomous security for hybrid work modes.


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