Drone data collection has its uses across B2B industries, from delivery to inspection, mapping and more. But drones have their limits – namely their flight time and legal flying range.

That’s why BVLOS, or Beyond Visual Line of Sight, is what everyone is talking about in the drone world and where the sensing and analytics industry is headed.

On the premiere episode of “Secrets of the Innovator,” host Jason San Souci takes a deep dive into the latest drone data with guest Kyle Miller, Director of Business Development at Censys.

Miller talks about Censys’ approach to problem-solving – maxing out capability per dollar and taking it further into maintenance, training and customer service. Miller predicts a “big bounce back,” in 2021, seeing programs enacting on their plans to move forward with drone technology.

“Specialization and standardization are what pays the bills,” San Souci said in response to Miller’s take on where the industry is going. Service providers are finding and identifying their niche, noted Miller.

Though Miller’s company specializes in drone training, he has seen the work in the field grow during this past year, even during the pandemic, offering opportunities to innovate and grow.