Garrett Announces Shipping of New ACE Apex Multi-Frequency Metal Detector

Garland, Texas  — Garrett Metal Detectors announced it is now shipping bulk production orders of the new ACE Apex multi-frequency metal detector from its Texas manufacturing facility.

Apex, a new Sport Division detector for hobbyists, was first announced by Garrett officials on May 15 during a ground-breaking international social media live reveal event. “When we unveiled all of the key features of the exciting Apex in our live reveal, we promised to begin shipping orders during the summer,” said Garrett CEO Steve Novakovich. “I am pleased to report that this week, we are fulfilling that promise.”

Garrett’s Apex was billed as the pinnacle of the company’s best-selling ACE metal detector series. “The Garrett ACE series has been trusted worldwide to deliver high-end performance at affordable prices,” Garrett Marketing Director Steve Moore detailed. “Customer excitement over the new multi-frequency Apex has been tremendous. We were thrilled to start shipping out dealer pre-orders this past week.”

Garrett’s Apex includes Multi-FlexTM multi-frequency technology, giving its users the flexibility to select powerful single detecting frequencies or simultaneous multi-frequency options. These frequency choices allow Apex users to adapt their detectors to various ground mineralization conditions and to enhance detection of preferred metallic treasures. “Apex’s Multi-Frequency Salt Mode, designed for use along challenging saltwater beach shores, has really grabbed attention,” Moore added. “Our Apex field testers have reported excellent saltwater test results. This news has helped fuel the excitement, along with the fact that the Garrett Apex offers more frequency options than any other detector currently on the market with an MSRP below $500.”

Garrett’s ACE Apex includes built-in Z-LynkTM wireless technology (up to six times faster than Bluetooth® speed). The new treasure-finding device is lightweight (2.5 pounds), and is simple enough for beginners to master quickly. But its ranges of advanced features and frequency options have drawn positive notice from even veteran treasure hunters.

One of Apex’s popular features is a 175-point high resolution ground balance, allowing the detector to adapt to challenging soil conditions ranging from saltwater to highly mineralized soil. Intuitive menu controls allow the operator to easily adjust overall target volume, volume of undesired iron objects, detector sensitivity, search modes, target notch discrimination, and minor frequency adjustments to eliminate any electrical interference.

Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, Apex also includes a backlight to allow the user to read LCD controls in low light, six search modes to select from, a five-tone audible target identification system (coupled with large Digital Target ID numbers on the Apex LCD), and a new 6” x 11” DD-configuration Viper searchcoil.

The Garrett ACE Apex has a rainproof control box, while its lower shaft and searchcoil are fully submersible. It ships with a mini-USB charging cable for the internal battery, as well as a Viper searchcoil cover to prevent any scratching of the coil’s lower surface. For full details on technical specifications and pricing for the new Apex metal detector, please visit

About Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors, co-founded by geophysical engineer Charles Garrett and fifth-generation educator Eleanor Smith Garrett, is the global leader of metal detection products for security and law enforcement applications worldwide. For more than 55 years, Garrett has engineered the most advanced metal detection products for security, law enforcement, countermine, and the sport/ hobby industries. Garrett is an International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015 certified company.

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