Gossip ABOUT Gossip: Blockchain for Good with new Hedera Governing Council Board Member, Tasker Generes of ServiceNow

September 8, 2022

Founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy, ServiceNow is dedicated to creating more efficient workflow systems to optimize productivity. With a digital-first business model, the organization works with companies to optimize IT workflows, employee workflows, customer workflows, and creator workflows primarily utilizing cloud-based software. The ultimate goal is to digitize and automate siloed processes to improve the employee experience as well as the experiences of those a company works with.

In looking to the future to see what is next, Tasker Generes, VP, Global Head – Vision & Innovation at ServiceNow, recently joined the Hedera family as Governing Council Board Member. Generes sat down with Gossip ABOUT Gossip podcast host Zenobia Godschalk, SVP of Communications at Swirlds Labs, about why ServiceNow decided to join forces with Hedera. He opened the conversation by discussing what led the company to its current state.

Founded to make work easier. “We started getting known as an IT ticketing system. We’re still relatively well known as that IT ticketing system, that system that helps you run your IT department. But we’ve done so much more since then, we’ve gone back to our roots that Fred created for us so that we could really focus on what enables an experience. What makes it easier for people to do the work that they want to do whether their employees, customers—any part of the business—all the way through,” said Generes.

Joining Hedera will allow ServiceNow to help build trust with its clients within the workflow ecosystem. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is one of the best ways to create trusted workflows. Working within the Hedera ecosystem will allow ServiceNow to envision new ways to fill gaps within its current service landscape. Since the company services 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies, working towards improved trust and security is critical.

In order to maximize the opportunity, ServiceNow will continue using processes that led to success in the past. For example, when the company partnered with Microsoft for cloud management, they spent the time necessary to develop successful workflows before bringing on additional cloud management clients including AWS, GCP, and Google. With Hedera, they would work with actual use cases from customers to sort out workflow and processes before bringing on additional clients in this area.

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