Gossip About Gossip: Connecting Athletes Directly with Their Fans

Who is the human being behind the media-hyped athlete? How can athletes connect with fans in a safe, positive environment? Attempting to close these gaps is REVEL Moments, a live, unscripted, and safe two-way storytelling platform that helps transform the lives of athletes and fans. Zenobia Godschalk, host of Gossip About Gossip, welcomed REVEL’s Chief Experience Officer, Ankur Mathur, to discuss how they are accomplishing this goal with the help of Hedera.

REVEL is different from other platforms – using a virtual technology platform, the moderator shapes the experience based on fans’ questions, sometimes even pulling them “on stage” virtually. REVEL also provides a safe space for athletes to be vulnerable, sharing their untold stories with fans, which helps to connect fans on a closer level to their favorite athlete.

So, how does this relate to Hedera and blockchain? REVEL Moments uses Hedera’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which allows fans to share the NFTs and receive extra advantages for completing certain buying patterns.

For REVEL, Hedera was the obvious partner of choice to aid their platform. Mathur was impressed by Hedera’s efficiency and technical knowledge in addition to the grant which allowed them to get in the door. On REVEL, Mathur said, “At the time, it was a PowerPoint — it was an idea — and so, it was as much the faith that I think Hedera put in, in REVEL as REVEL is putting into Hedera.”

Even though REVEL Moments is still in its beginning phases, the company already had an exciting and encouraging experience where a marketing video went viral for one athlete, causing their first sold out event, “[It] was really exciting to be able to see that vision kind of come to life,” Mathur exclaimed.

With plans to roll out more marketing efforts and events in the future, be sure to check out the website or follow REVEL on social media.

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