Gossip ABOUT Gossip: Driving the Future of Gaming with Liithos

August 2, 2022

The world of gaming continues to evolve with advanced technology driving innovation across the board. Despite this, gamers must contend with the fact that the characters and stories they love live in one place. Michael Mumbauer, Founder & CEO Liithos, is ready to change this with Web3. Mumbauer sat down with Gossip ABOUT Gossip podcast host Zenobia Godschalk, SVP of Communications at Swirlds Labs, about the inspiration behind the launch of Liithos and what he envisions the future of gaming to look like.

The discussion opened with Mumbauer speaking about the inspiration behind the company name. Based on the word lithos which means “stone” in Latin. When looking into the availability of this word from a business perspective, he discovered it was not viable. It was then that his wife came up with the idea of adding an extra “I” to the word. Pronounced “leethos,” following on the “e” sound of the double-I in Wii, the spirit of the company is grounded in the idea that great masterpieces are meticulously carved out of stone.

So, what makes Mumbauer tick? “I find myself always liking and attracted to new spaces where there are interesting opportunities to engage with players and fans and people in unique ways and grow – and converge technology and art,” he explained. Inspired by disruptive technologies that create innovations that inspire future iterations of gaming evolution, Mumbauer aims to change the face of gaming.

“In this case, what I think is wonderful about DLT technology is evolving social interactions and empowering communities of players, and also connecting entertainment worlds. We want to build really powerful entertainment games that are narrative-driven but we also want to connect them outside of games into areas of television and film and social media platforms and digital comics. We want them to all play together and incentivize each other while feeding the gaming ecosystem,” said Mumbauer.


  • Liithos’ vision is to create a unified entertainment ecosystem built around AAA gaming, utilizing the Hedera network to make it a reality.
  • The development of their debut title, Ashfall, will be a transparent interactive process unprecedented within the industry.
  • Hedera’s carbon-efficiency was a large fact in the decision to build on the network.

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