Harvesting Automation & Process Data

October 12, 2022

Many plant floors have data issues caused by the sheer fact that they do not have up-to-date panel meters. Red Lion is here to change that. Jeff Thornton, Red Lion Product Manager, knows the importance of managing data. Thornton sits down with host Tyler Kern to discuss the future-forward automation and data processing systems, including the PM50.

On many plant floors, there are panel meters that are installed but do not offer communication. The PM50 changes that by allowing the customer to pull data back to their business immediately.

“Being able to replace that meter and actually address that data gap at the same time is really a homerun for manufacturers and factory floors,” Thornton said.
A PM50 can replace a typical panel meter and “use the plant network to leverage that communication and now you can gather that information without all that overhead,” Thornton highlighted.

The newly advanced graphic display allows the operator, “the ability to make quick decisions and provide them more screens – more data so that they can make better decisions as they run their machines,” Thornton said.

Not to mention that the PM50 is smart-device friendly and can connect via an app. This gives customers and clients, “the ability to monitor a machine and not necessarily stand in front of it.”

Installation with the PM50 is no problem due to its ease of design which can be used by just about anyone, not just a systems integrator or engineer.

The PM50 can provide data and is not limited to just plant floors, it can go where you need it and provide real insight. As Thornton put it, “The better data they have, the better decisions they can make.”

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In this live event from Red Lion, industry veteran and product manager Jeff Thornton guides you through everything you need to know about the newest graphical panel meter from Red Lion Controls, the PM-50.

Updating a panel meter can be a layered process, and to help arm the audience with actionable decision-making skills and strategies for shopping for new panels, Thornton explains the ins and outs of the PM-50 and how its design reflects the industry’s desires for simpler programming and ease of data aggregation and analysis.

After the product premiere, Jeff Thornton will be joined by Gabrielle Bejarano with a live Q&A session to answer all of your questions about implementation, use-cases and how to get your hands on a PM-50.

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